Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our First Christmas!

It is so hard to believe that we are already at almost 7 months being married! It has all been so incredible and FAST! It has truly blessed my life being married to Marshall. I really cannot imagine moving out of that phase of life (college) into getting my job without having him with me.

Now, on to Christmas! We are so excited about having our first Christmas together and having our first TREE! We are not fake tree people so we went out to buy our tree the week after Thanksgiving after we got back from Haiti. We both decided that we liked short, fat trees- so that is what we got...
We spent Christmas Eve with my family and we are traveling around for Christmas day to go to see all of our family around the area. It will be a busy but fun day. We were just talking on the way home in the car about how we can't believe Christmas is almost over. It goes by so fast! It is so fun to see all of our wrapped presents under the tree though.
We hope that everyone has a GREAT Christmas!!! :)