Saturday, May 10, 2014

Strawberry pickin'

We decided a little spur of the moment that we could go pick some strawberries at Stafford's Farm today since our next few weeks will be a little crazy with trips.  Next weekend we will be in Charleston and then the week after that we will be in Roanoke for Marshall's cousin's wedding- so it was now or never!  I don't really remember doing much strawberry picking as a kid but I thought it would be a fun little trip to make since we have a farm close by and Lexi is a good walker.  Although, the path was very uneven and hard to walk on for her anyway but she did a great job holding our hand and being carried around.  It was a beautiful day, too.  We had a great breeze (as you can see by Lexi's crazy hair in some of these pictures) which helped to not make it too hot.  Lexi ate quite a few while we were walking... the girl loves her some strawberries! We had a great time.