Sunday, August 31, 2014

19 Months!

Lexi is 19 months!

She is around 20 pounds and has grown 2 inches since our last doctor visit!  She is now 29 1/2 inches.  

We are still currently on a 2 nap/day schedule.  Her first is usually around 10:30-11 and 2nd is usually around 3:30-4.  We will probably drop to one soon.  

Things She's Loving/Little Extras:
-Hide and Seek
-"Writing" with a pen and paper.  She will lay down on her belly with a pen (usually not clicked to write or with the ink taken out) and pretend to write on her paper and talk to herself.  She will also walk around with it and babble like she's making a list or reading what she wrote.  I guess she's seen us- probably me- do this.  I'm a list-maker and like to think out loud a lot.  
-On the same note as writing- she likes to lay down to do a lot of things on her belly.  Reading (eating?!)
-Mimicking us A LOT.  She tries to repeat EVERYTHING we say.
-Being a helper!  She loves to be given a "task" to complete.  Putting something away, helping mama wipe things down, "folding" clothes, helping carry laundry
-Popcorn. (Or: Pa-caaa) She loves it when Marshall makes plain popcorn with sea salt and peanut oil.  Delicious.  I would say it's probably her favorite snack.  Well that and Ella's Bars.  
-Animal sounds
-Pushing buttons/beeping (she loves to help put the laundry in the machines and push the buttons to make it start)
-Watching video and seeing pictures of herself.  She presses the button on our iphones to see the background and says either "baby" or "Lexi" (Lay-ay is more the way it sounds)
-Follow us to the bathroom
-She likes to step up/down on things and say "Up" then "Dowwwnnn"
-On the changing table she likes to hold her Spray (rayyy) Bottom Wash (Honest Company-check it out!) Favorite words: "Hello", "Hi", "Bye", "All Done", "See ya", "Love you", "Bath", "Chicken", "Yogurt", "Please", "One More or One at a time"
-Climbing in and out of her stroller 

-Spending the night at Grandma then Papa&Nana's house without us.  We went to visit Katie and Patrick and meet sweet baby Hollis in VA and dropped Lexi with the grandparents.  She had a BLAST and still asks if we are going to see them when we get in the car.  

Some iphone pictures from this month...

This is Lexi's "mad face" hahaha...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Beach 2014 Oak Island

We had SUCH a fantastic week at Oak Island this year!  We go every year with my family and this year was EXTRA special because Lexi was actually able to enjoy playing out on the beach! We were there from Saturday to Saturday and it was amazing.  I wasn't sure how Lexi would do with the sand but she did GREAT!  She loved running around on the beach and playing in the water.  Every time she would fall or get wet sand on her hands she'd want to go and wash them off in the water.  We had so much fun with her.  She was such a joy to be around all week! Be warned: LOTS OF PICTURES! 

Logan and Hailey did a great job playing with Lexi and reading to her. 

Being outside on the porch was one of Lexi's favorite places! She loved pushing the swing and swinging and rocking in the rocking chair.  Every time she would get in the rocking chair she would say "BABY!" and want us to sing "Rock-a-bye Baby".

Dad and Karen got Lexi this super cute bathing suit (and the black and white hat) for her birthday and it fit her PERFECTLY this summer! She was adorable in it! 

We had Lexi hold our hands when she was standing in the water because she's so petite (but so brave!).  She kept wanting to go further and not hold our hands.  Seems like she has her Daddy's no-fear! 

Logan and Hailey had a good time digging little pools for her too.  She didn't really know what to think! 

And can I just take a minute to mention how adorbs this ponytail is?!?!

Lexi and Grandma taking a walk and looking for shells! 

She loved taking these buckets and collecting shells.  She mainly liked collecting the rocks.  Who knows why! 

We tried to get some pictures after dinner a couple nights.  Lexi was clearly not interested in taking a family photo. 

She just wanted to push the swing.

Here are the pictures from my iphone from the week also...

Another family tradition is playing games each night.  We played Tenzi with the whole family (kids included) and played A Book and a Run card game pretty much every night also.  My aunt took the record for the highest AND lowest score for that game.   We always have a blast together! Too bad I'm awful at documenting game nights and just time when we hang out! 

Loved some late walks on the beach.  Although Lexi always wanted to go into the water or toward the dunes.  She's independent! 

This last picture I threw in there even though I took it once we got back.  This was a new face that my sister Jess taught Lexi this week and it's so precious!

Just to reminisce... here are some beach pictures from last year! Crazy the difference a year makes!

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