Tuesday, April 22, 2014

15 Months!

Our little Lexi is 15 months old!

I'm happy to say that our doctor was really pleased with Lexi's weight gain!  She said she didn't need to see her back sooner than the normal 4 months!  The last time we came for her 1 year check up she wanted to see her back in 2 months and check her weight.  She weighed 16.14 lbs!  On our at home scale now she weighs around 17.4!  So hopefully she's on a steady weight gain now.

She is eating GREAT right now.  The doctor asked how she was eating and if she was eating fruits, veggies, protein, grain and I said I thought she was a little picky with her veggies for a week and that she'd gotten tired of eating veggies so we took a little break.  She asked what she ate and I said broccoli, carrots, peas, cauliflower, green beans... and she was like well if you're getting her to eat that you're doing good!  So what I thought was being a little picky was just getting tired of the same food because she's back to eating everything well.  She likes deli meat- roast beef, chicken, ham.  Pretty much all fruit. Still drinking milk great!

I am no longer nursing.  And it was shockingly easy and quick to drop all feedings!  I think she was ready to give them up and she wasn't really eating much anyway.  Yay for it being easy! Helloooo self tanner for the summer :)

She is still on 2 naps a day-for now.  There has been a couple days this week she refused her 2nd nap and just played for a while and fussed for a while.  So, we'll see where we end up with that over the next month.

Still 6-12 months and her summer clothes we bought her based on height and weight (17-22 lbs) is 9 months.  Crazy!

Things she's loving:
-talking to herself... and saying the word "doy doy doy" {China friends think "ok ok ok" haha} who knows what she's really trying to say!
-Mimicking us! Words, things we do, etc. It's precious!
-Walking! And holding one of our hands while walking
-Feeling the rain on her hands and arms- she loves us to stick her out of the back door so she can touch it!
-Taking things in and out of containers/hiding things- she put her milk in a cabinet this month and luckily Marshall saw her do it so he knew it was there! Ha! Recently we've also found paci's in our shoes as well.  It cracks us up!
-Waving to people and telling them "bye" when we're out.  She also waves to herself in the mirror when we're strapping her in the car
-Looking at bellies.  For some reason she has to lift our shirts to find our bellies at random times and she loves it!
-Bath time- FINALLY!  I feel like she really likes it now... we have these letters/numbers to stick on the side of the tub and she really likes playing with those.
-Carrying things around while she walks or crawls.  She's always liked this but it's funny to see this month what she'll carry.  Clothes, the remote, containers of food...

Firsts this month:
-Officially becoming a walker!

Little extras:
-She likes to lay down when she's playing sometimes
-She likes to play with sunglasses
-She loves to answer things as a phone- anything really
-One book she will sit all the way through is the long version of "Go Dog Go"
-She wants to eat what we're eating
-She's started a "whining" phase this month.  If she wants something she goes "Uh Uh Uh Uh"over and over and reaches for what she wants.  We are trying to break her of this and have her try to SAY what she wants.  Oh and she can/will only say one syllable words and the beginning of a long word.

These were all I could get from her on Easter Sunday after church.... Tired+Busy+Toddler=Not looking at the camera