Monday, May 18, 2009

The video as promised....

This video is the cutest thing... Marshall and I watched it the other night and were laughing so hard.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Marshall's Birthday Golf!! (great present)

Sorry I am a horrible blogger and never update it... but here is something I have been wanting to post for a couple weeks!  

For Marshall's birthday I always try to plan an activity to do as well as a present.  Last year I didn't tell him where we were going and drove him to Frankie's Fun Park (because he ALWAYS used to talk about how he wanted to go there sometime) and we ate in the little diner, played putt putt and played games in the arcade.  

This year, I had to make it something he wouldn't expect and something I knew he would enjoy.  I decided to research golf courses in the Raleigh-Wake Forest area and make a tee time for Tuesday (his birthday).  It was a perfect thing to do because it falls on my Spring Break with the students.  After looking at websistes and calling some places I made a tee time for his birthday at River Ridge Golf Course (the only 4 1/2 star golf course in Raleigh).  However, the weather was not going to cooperate for his birthday.  So, instead we ended up going on Wednesday instead of his actual birthday (bummer, I know).  It was so much fun though... and he was totally proud of me for making a tee time (which I have never done before).  

Marshall was the only one playing and I was in charge of driving the golf cart... because I would beast him at golf and c'mon, he doesn't want to get beat on his birthday.