Saturday, March 29, 2014

14 Months!

Lexi doesn't go back to the doctor until April so we will know official stats then.  But our at home scale says around 15.5-16 lbs right now so hopefully she's gained some weight! I think she looks a little chunkier in her thighs, belly and face.

I'm happy to say that she has gotten over her picky phase (for the most part!) She's not such a fan of veggies- although she loves her mama's squash, carrots, and peas.  She loves pretty much any fruit, eggs, yogurt, cheese, bread, muffins, pb&j, deli meats- ham, turkey, chicken. I think that her picky phase was a lack of appetite due to teething- she had 3 teeth pop up within a few weeks of each other! She is now drinking milk like a champ and drinks anywhere from 6-10 oz a day.  One day she drank 3 sippy cups of milk- about 15 oz! 

I am still nursing 3-4 times a day- morning, before each nap, and at night.  We have started dropping a feeding before her afternoon nap (we've tried a couple days) and one day she fell asleep on my chest when I was rocking her before her nap and the other day she cried for about 15 min (threw BOTH pacis out- she has to have 2 now in the crib...) so Marshall went in and gave them back and she fell asleep about 5 min later.  We'll see how she does without nursing before her naps.  We've procrastinated dropping them because it's so quick and easy right now and we knew we'd be traveling in March so we waited until after that.  It's a little bittersweet to be dropping them.  In one aspect I feel the freedom in not having to nurse but another part of me knows I will miss those sweet, snuggly moments.  

Still on a 2 nap a day schedule.  She naps anywhere from 1-1 hr 45 min. and usually doesn't cry at all going down. Still wakes up around 7-7:45 and goes down each night around 7:30 

Anywhere from 6-12 months fits her pretty well depending on the brand.  We are having to look at height and weight on tags to see what she will wear/grow into this summer.  Most of the summer stuff we've gotten is 9-12 months.  

Things she's loving:
-When we tell her "good job"...she claps 

-mimicking us 

Firsts this month:
-Teeth 4 & 5
-Saying papa and grandma (more like Uma), Katie (which she says caca...ha) for some reason she won't say long vowels, dog (daw), duck (duh)

-Actually playing, splashing, and being in the bathtub like a big girl.  We just got a no slip pad for her to have in the tub and she loves being in it!  She now plays a lot with her bath toys!  She HATES having her hair washed though- she cries every time we pour the water to rinse her hair.... we don't know how to do it without her sitting up.  She won't really lean back.  Any other ideas, parents? 
-Taking her first steps alone and standing for long periods of time by herself.  She isn't a "walker" (no, not that walker...The Walking Dead fans) yet but she's really close!  

Little Extras:
-She's getting better picking up one food item at a time.  Not great, she still grabs handfuls of cut up cheese out of containers and stuffs her mouth but sometimes she'll grab 1.  We'll call that progress ;)

-Her fake laugh is still hilarious! 
-She now waves at anyone who will look at her and says "haaaaayyyyy".... She has everyone in Starbucks looking and waving at her every time we go... not that we go often or anything.... I mean they only know our names and drink orders ;) and SIDEBAR we actually went today and the guy says to Marshall- hey I was hoping you'd come in today after that Duke game and our win last night...He's a UNC fan and we all chatted it up last time hahaha
-She is busy ALL the time.  Doing multiple things at once, carrying things with her, having one thing in each hand, putting things on and off the table, in and out of buckets, pulling all the bags of marshmallows, ziplock bags out from the bottom shelf of the pantry etc.  She likes moving! 

*This was written March 22

Thursday, March 6, 2014

13 months!

We will probably not be doing a monthly picture each month since she's over a year old...but I will hopefully be taking pictures of her near her monthly update so I will post those with the information.

So last month Lexi weighed a whopping 13.9 lbs at the doctor.  I started freaking out a little after we left thinking....she hasn't gained ANY weight in 6 months? Really???  And the doctor said she thought we needed to go to 5 meals a day... so that's what we've done.  About 2 weeks later we weighed her on our at home scale and she weighed 15.6 lbs.  Hopefully she has truly gained almost 2 lbs! I felt a little guilty leaving thinking it was me who for some reason hadn't given her enough food but we truly have been feeding her a lot- what we observed other kids at this age eating.  We just didn't know she needed a lot more calories than them because her doctor thinks she just has a super high metabolism and needs many more calories a day.  Anyway, hopefully she's now on the right track and I'm trying not to punish myself for things I don't know being a first time parent.

It's changed a little since last month.  She's not such a good eater anymore.  Even though we are feeding her more meals a day, she has become a picky eater all of a sudden.  We have NO idea where it came from and HOPE it is just a phase.  She will only eat yogurt, grapes, bread, squash, cheese, bananas, sometimes pouches and random fruits at different times.  She is at an I'm-going-to-spit-this-out-if-I-don't-like-it phase.  Is that a thing? Well I just made it one.  We try and try to give her different things but I end up frustrated because I've tried 5 different foods (cut up, steamed, heated whatever) and she will not try it.  I put it in her mouth and she'll spit it out.  I mean I can't force her to eat it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's just a teething or weird texture thing.  She has 4-that's right FOUR- teeth coming in up top... 1 is already through the gums but the other ones are white and haven't come through yet.  WHO KNOWS!

Milk has been a puzzle to figure out as well.  At first she wouldn't drink any milk (we buy the Horizon organic whole milk).  So, I got on google (I'm the google queen) and tried to see what other parents who's kids wouldn't drink milk did.  The first thing I tried was heating it because it was definitely cold coming out of the fridge.  No luck.  Next, I thought adding a little vanilla soy milk to it to sweeten it up might make it more appealing.  Nada.  Then we tried diluting it with half water so it wasn't quite as strong then slowly decreasing the water until it was just milk.  Bingo!  She started drinking the milk.  Her doctor wants her drinking about 2 sippy cups a day and she's definitely not there yet but it's an improvement.  She definitely still prefers water but it's a work in progress.

I am nursing 4 times a day- morning, before each nap, and at night.  This week we are going to try to drop one of the before nap feedings and go from there.  I'm guessing her morning feeding will be last to be dropped (since I can now nurse her and then put her back in her crib to play for about 20 minutes!) but we'll see.  My goal is to be done nursing by the end of April.  The doctor also said she's probably not getting many calories from it but still getting some of the immunities from it.  She really only nurses for a couple minutes each time so I  don't think it will be hard to stop.  She also doesn't get "nursed to sleep" when we lay her in the crib she is fully awake- so I think that will help too.

I was a little worried we were about to abandon nap #2 and go to 1 nap a day but we came in and saved it!  We started on a 3 hour schedule to allow her more time to be sleepy and so far it's worked really well.  Our day looks like this:

7-7:30 Wake up
7:30 Nurse and put back in crib until around 7:45ish
8:00 Breakfast (yogurt and fruit)
10:30 Nap #1
12:30 Lunch
2:30 Meal #3/snack
3:00-3:30 Nap (depending on wake up time from Nap #1)
4:45ish- Dinner (Meal #4)
6:00- Meal #5/Snack while we eat
7:30 bedtime

I think I will like looking back on this to see what our schedule was like at this age- so sorry if that was super boring for you :) She is sleeping all night- from 7:30-7:00/7:30 minus about 3 days where she was waking up every hour to every other hour because of teething.  Then that tooth popped out and she's gone back to normal... until the other 3 teeth start coming through...

Obviously she's still in 6-9 month but I've also started putting her in some 6-12 month and they fit pretty good. Yay!

Things she's loving:
-Being outside!  With several warm weather days mama ain't complainin'
-Being chased
-Being surprised
-Walking with us holding her hands
-Still loves reading books

Firsts this month:
-Tooth #3
-Saying night night, nana (for banana), nay-nay for Naomi (we have a picture of her friend that she likes to look at) So now the word total is: dada, mama, bye-bye, ball, hey, night night, nana, nay nay
-She knows where her belly, mouth, nose, ears and feet are and will touch them or show them to you if you ask her where they are.

Little Extras:
-She can understand the majority of what we say.  If we tell her to get something, to go somewhere, etc she will do it (most of the time ;)
-Instead of saying "ball" she says "ba-ba" which is funny that she doesn't just say "ba" but has to say it twice.
-When we're at church she wants to be with Marshall.  I don't know what it is about being there- maybe she knows it's where he works and "his" territory but if she's with me she's looking around saying "dada?" "dada?" trying to find him.
-Marshall taught her how to say "dada" when anyone asks "who's girl are you?" and she gets so excited afterward!

These pictures were taken right after Lexi turned 13 months when the Ferrells and Blalocks were in Sumter for the GIS (Global Impact Sunday) at FBC.  These pictures were taken at Swan Lake then the last few were on Sunday after church in our yard.