Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Months!

10 Months Old! Only TWO months away from a year old!!!!

Marshall was saying to me he thinks the year has gone really fast when you are counting each month based on your baby's age.  I would have to agree.  It has gone really fast! 

I updated her 9 month post with her doctor appt info.  She lost weight from her 6 month appt but her doctor isn't worried about it since she is so busy- crawling everywhere.  I was freaking out a little bit until she reassured me that she isn't worried about her at all.  At that appt she was just over 13 lbs.  I'm doing my best to let worrying about her weight go.  

Still doing great!  She's still on the medicine and still gets hiccups pretty often.  We are going to re-evaluate again at her 1 year appt.  

She is a GREAT eater.  She eats a solid 2 meals a day and still nurses 5-6 times a day.  I'm sure that I will go over a year nursing her because she needs the calories.  She went through an almost 2 week phase where she was gagging at all foods- like even foods that were not textured at all and that she previously loved.  Thankfully she just got over that and has been eating great since then!  

She has eaten lots of table food and we let her try mostly anything except things with honey or nuts.  She has done great eating little pieces of shredded cheese, mango, apples, avocado, bacon (thanks Daddy!), bread, honey dew, pineapple... I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting.  She is great picking up puffs and non slippery foods although some of the slippery fruits are hard but she does great chewing them up.  She pretty much likes any food you will give her.  She definitely is a sweets girl- likes her fruit better than veggies- but will eat anything.  She's just lunging out of her booster seat to get to the sweet stuff!  She is now also signing "more" and she does it all the time!  She does it when we eat too.  

Oh Daylight Savings Time how I hate you.  She was sleeping a wonderfully 7:30-7:30 (ish) everyday for like a week and a half until DST hit.  Ugh.  Then it was like picking up a night feeding again.  She is now pretty much back to normal- waking up around 6:30 to 7:00 to eat and most of the time I can even put her back down if its around 6:00-6:30 and she'll sleep until 8ish- so it's not so bad!  I think she'll get the hang of it again.... just in time for the next time change to hit.  Just kidding.  Kind-of.  She really is a good napper *most* of the time.  She does cry and refuse a handful of days a month but overall she's complacent.  

Clothing:  Well I've decided that most 6 month clothes fit her best.  We do a mixture of 6-9 month, but she's just a little thing :) 

Things she's loving:
-Standing up!  She loves to pull up on things and stand holding the coffee table when we put her there (she's still too short to pull up on that :)
-Peek-a-boo... if she has a blanket she will pull it over her face and then pull it down so we'll say peek-a-boo! 
-Giving things/people kisses
-Lights/Musical toys 
-Reading books
-Playing chase with mama and dada
-Looking away and then looking back at her quickly... she laughs at that a lot.  

Things she's not loving
-NO longer her car seat!  We bought a new convertible seat to try out since we have a really long trip for Thanksgiving and she has done GREAT in it!  If you have a baby who hates the car- try a convertible car seat- it's worth the $$! 
-SOCKS! The girl will NOT keep her socks on- she pulls them off almost immediately after we put them on.  She'd rather have cold feet than socks on.  

Firsts this month:
-Pulling up on things/standing for long periods of time 
-Drinking properly from her sippy cup! Yay!
-Signing "more"
-Waving bye- bye
-Really reaching for us...she used to just lift her arms out to be picked up.  Now she really reaches for who she wants.  
-Dancing... We say "You wanna dance?" or "Are you dancin'?" and she starts bouncing.  It's the cutest thing! 

Little extras:
-Has a little fake laugh that is different this month- it's really hard to explain but it's one that she just does seemingly at nothing like just if she's sitting by herself.  It's funny.  
-Still a Mama's girl.  She still prefers me over anyone else and cries if I pass her off and she doesn't want to go.  She does well with me not around or if it's someone she knows but if it's not she wants her mommy or daddy.  
-She does everything pretty much left handed.  Turns book pages, eats, etc.  We wonder if she will end up being left handed.  I know it's early but it's just something we've noticed.  Both my dad and Marshall's dad are left handed so it's in her blood ;) 

We love you sweet girl and each month just gets better and better :) 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Front Door!

Ok, you have to understand...we had a sad front door.  I had seen a couple blogs (here and here) recently that painted their front doors and I thought since there really isn't much in our house to update or add our touch to that this would be a fun way to personalize it!  Our door looks fine from really really far far away, but up close it has some real issues.  It has an ombre look goin' on.  It goes from a bright red at the top to an almost red-orange at the bottom I'm guessing from being faded by the sun.  I absolutely LOVE looking at paint colors but when it comes to pulling the trigger on the decision I over analyze tend to wait to make a decision.  But when I saw the Iheartorganizing blog's paint color, I knew it was the one.  I love seeing colors already on walls, in pictures, already picked out to see what they will turn out like.  No guess work.  We had a problem though.  Behr paint is only found at Home Depot and we definitely do not have one in Sumter.  BUT we knew we were heading to Columbia in a week for the day with our friends so I knew I could buy it then.  It was kind of a bummer to wait though I have to tell ya.  I was ready to get started right that minute!  So after making the trip we got started the very next day.  Oh, and we went with Behr's Harbor in the Marquee paint (which is the top of the line, fade resistant, rain ready in an hour- oh yeahhhh).

Here is our sad door before: 

Up close you can see the paint chipping away showing the white (or possibly yellow?) door underneath

The bright red top of the door...

Anddd the red-orange bottom.  Yuck. 

Marshall started by taping the door knob but then decided it would just be easy enough to take them off.

I wiped the door down to get all the dirt and grime off so we had a clean surface to start. 

Another up close picture of the not so pretty red door.  

I believe this was after 1 coat of the paint.  

We let the door stay open for a little while to dry but as I said this paint was REALLY quick dry- which we were thankful for.... the 2 coats only took a total of maybe 2 hours and then we shut the door- can't beat that! 

Lexi was up from her nap at this point and playing with her books in the floor.... but she was entertained when I was taking pictures of her too. 

Lexi is the cutest photobomber ever. 

In this next picture Lexi was laughing.  Too funny. 

All finished.  Just the scraping of the glass left to do.  Whoever painted the red did a really bad job and left red basically over the side and so we really couldn't tape it because there would be red left and it would look awful.  So we had to paint over it to insure there would be no red left...but that made a harder clean up afterward.

I finally got around to scraping the door on Halloween so the next couple of pictures have some pumpkins (that belong to the Sill's) that were dropped off for extra decoration for having people over on Halloween.  

Andddd surprise!  I painted our carport door too!!! I told Marshall I was sad I couldn't enjoy the beautiful color every day when I came in because we come in this side door... and it was just white and looked a little dingy so I gave it some paint and now it makes me happy to walk into when I get home!