Thursday, August 22, 2013

7 Months old!

Baby girl is 7 months old!

I think she has definitely gotten into a good groove this month.  She seems to have found her "happy place" and is really content, happy and smiley most of the day.  We are so thankful for this!

She is a lot of fun and "talks" up a storm!

No doctor visit this month (we won't have one until 9 months) so no "official" stats.  But my guess is around 15 pounds and just over 25 inches long.

Still doing great.  We decided to keep her on the medicine when we went to the doctor because she does have days where she spits up quite a few times but then there will be days, even weeks, where she barely spits up at all.

Yay!  We have gotten back into a... ahem "regular" routine :) if ya know what I mean.  When we went to the doctor we asked about the cereals and she said there was no real reason to giving the cereal and if we didn't want to we didn't have to... so we stopped it.  We stuck with just fruits and veggies and so far it has worked wonderfully and she loves it.  Plus that cereal is straight up nasty. So far we have given her prunes, pears, peaches, apples and squash.  The nurse suggested starting with the "P" fruits so that's where we started.  So far she seems to love everything!  We have done a mixture of homemade/store bought baby food.  I have frozen pear and peach purees and I plan on doing lots more to keep in stock. I have tried to look up a month to month calendar of when fruits are in season so I can try to get them to puree so they will be at their freshest.  Go ahead, call me crazy.  I just like to research weird things like that. She's still exclusively breastfed about 5-6 times a day.  We've worked her up to every 2-4 hours.  We base it on when she seems hungry or sleepy.

Proud to say that Lexi now sleeps a minimum of 10 hours and as much as 12-13 hours a night without eating!! YAYY! She has slept a handful of times from 7:30 to 7:30.  Our nightly routine consists of putting her in her zipadee-zip around 7:30, one of us reading a story to her, turning off the lights and feeding her and then putting her down in her crib (with a light sound machine going).  So far this routine has worked GREAT for us and she sleeps usually until about 7 and then sometimes I can feed her in the morning and her go back to sleep until almost 9.  Crazy! This doesn't work all the time and I judge it based on how she looks when we get her up at 6 or 7.  If when she's eating she still looks sleepy and closes her eyes then I try to put her back down (mama loves her sleep!) and if she keeps her eyes open and kicks her feet she's usually up for the day! Her first nap is about 2 hours after she wakes up and then the next one is 2 hours after I get her up from her 2nd nap.  Pretty consistent.  I guess as consistent as you can be with a baby :) She has dropped that night nap altogether so that's why we put her down around 7:30.  She usually goes down very easily for naps and fusses a little when she knows we are heading back to the room because it's nap time but once we put her down and sing "Twinkle twinkle little star" she is calm and good to go.

She is in 6 month clothing and it fits perfectly now. Still in size 2 diapers.

Things she's loving:
-Attention!  This girl loves to be the center of attention! Right now she thinks the world is all about her!
-Moving!  She is all over the place and loves to roll around and get into places and things she's not supposed to.... little rebel!
-The stroller, still.  She loves to go for walks and so do we!
-I looked at last month's list and it's all pretty much the same.

Things she's NOT loving are still the same, too.

-She now does this thing where if one of us are holding her and someone else talks to her she smiles and turns toward us like she's being shy.  Then she turns back and wants the person to talk to her again like it's a game.  It's the cutest thing!
-Meeting her great Aunts and Uncles on Marshall's Mom's side- Uncle Marshall and Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Eddie and Aunt Robin and Aunt Norma.
-Night spent at Papa and Nana's house (with us, of course)
-Scooting- not crawling... but she can turn and go anywhere she wants and she can go backward
-Sleeping in her own room at night (I know... we I was paranoid and kept her in our room the full 6 months because it lowered the SIDS risk)
-Eating a variety of foods (see Eating category above)
-Introduced her to the sippy cup.  She hasn't gotten the hang of it and mostly just chews on it.  We're working on this... she still won't take a bottle (we've only tried twice so far).
-Daddy being gone a whole week Saturday to Saturday to Haiti.  Long week for Mommy but we made it (thanks to others willing to watch Lexi for a few hours and Grandma coming to visit a few days)!

We love you sweet girl! :)

See ya Mom! 


What a cute little pose... 

Check out these deep blue eyes.... and strawberry blonde hair?!? It's so different in different lights!