Wednesday, October 31, 2012

28 Weeks!

I'm 28 weeks as of Tuesday!  It's hard to believe I'm that far along.  Some days can be long and others seem to fly by!  I've still been feeling good.  I had a little heartburn this past week but I tried to cut out some spicy foods and anything carbonated (I was drinking Sprinte and Ginger Ale since they were caffeine free).  That's really seemed to help and I haven't had a problem in the past 5 days!  Our next appointment is on Monday and we will get to have our 4-D ultrasound!  We are super excited and we will post pictures of our little girl once we get them!  I'm really excited to have another ultrasound because the last one we had was when we found out she was a girl!  I have been trying to gain weight and eating everything I want to- so we'll see those results when I go back on Monday and see how much weight I've gained on the doctor's scale!  I feel like ours at home isn't as accurate because it always says I'm heavier than when I get to the doctor.  I do know that our little girl is a mover!  She likes to roll, kick and punch and she has the hiccups often. 

I'm in the third trimester- the home stretch!  I'm very ready to meet her... although there are still MANY things I have to do to get ready for her.  We did get a crib though!  Hopefully Marshall can put that together sometime this weekend with the help of his dad and Renae who are coming to visit and help with yardwork and see our house!  We are very excited and blessed to have so many people who want to come to SC to visit us!  Thanks for your prayers- hopefully everything will continue to go well.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

25 weeks and name reveal!

It's been a few weeks since I last posted a picture of the belly, which I feel is getting pretty big!  Although we did have an appointment today for my glucose test and the doctor said I had only gained 9 pounds and I needed to be at around 15 by now- so eat up!  Yay!  Anything that gives me permission to eat more food- yes please!  I won't find out the results for the glucose test until Wednesday but they said no news is good news.  If I did fail and need the 3 hour test they will call Wednesday to schedule the next test.  So, pray that the test is normal and I don't hear anything.  Some of you also know the headache I have been going through with insurance and I called again today (for the millionth time!) and the lady said she sent in the paperwork for me to be reinstated and that I would hear back within 24-48 hours!  FINALLY!  After much tears were shed, I hope this whole craziness is resolved and they will cover the claims up until now with the doctors office!  

My doctor measured my belly and said I was measuring a week or 2 behind what I actually am- so I might be looking at a late birth- I'm hoping that once I gain a little more weight that I will be measuring on schedule- I don't want to be late!!!  But the heartbeat was good- 152.  Other than that everything went really well!  My only complaint that's new is that my back has been hurting some.  I feel like I just can't get comfortable in some positions so that's been a little bummer... but hopefully I will adjust and be able to hold myself in a way that it doesn't strain my back.  My next appointment is in 3 weeks and hopefully we will have a 4-D ultrasound then!  

And now for the final name reveal for our sweet little girl.....