Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Care to venture a guess?

So, since I'm now 36 weeks I feel like it's only fair to venture a guess as to when Lexi Kate will make her arrival, how much she'll weigh, etc.

Here are some things to consider:
My due date is January 22
My mom was late with my sister (first born) and I was on time
The full moon is on January 27
I weighed around 7 1/2 pounds and Marshall was 7 pounds 9 1/2 oz. when we were born

Lexi Kate is now head down according to the doctor- woohoo! And no dilation yet (as of last Friday)- but I go back to the doctor on Monday.  You can comment or send us a message on FB to make a guess!  I'm curious to see what everyone thinks!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

35 weeks!

Well, I officially feel like a stuffed turkey.  I just look down at my stomach and think how can it get any bigger?! Luckily I'm still feeling good.  Had some back pain but I've been seeing a chiropractor who goes to our church and have had some adjustments so hopefully that will start feeling better soon.  I guess when you're 5'1" any weight in the belly area is tough on the back.  I've also had some swelling which I am notorious for on airplanes so I had an idea when I was pregnant I would swell.  I remember when I flew to India and slept most of the flight instead of getting up and walking around being shocked at my calf and foot becoming one big piece of meat.  My poor cankles look awful but they don't feel that awful.  My rings also fit only occasionally during the day.  I was hoping/excited being the most pregnant in the winter months that I could avoid some of the heat swelling but when it's 70 degrees in December you can't really avoid that either.  I also had some sciatic nerve pain one day but ever since then it's been fine so Lexi must have cooperated and changed positions to be more comfortable for mommy.  Now, my biggest concern is if she's head down.  And I know, I know, she still has a while to turn and babies turn until the day before birth but I'm a planner and I want her to already be prepared!  I think she might be head down because I feel her hiccups low... but I've read some things that say that could mean nothing.  I go back on Friday for the delightful Strep B test since I am 35 weeks- joy.  The nursery is as finished as it will be right now until we get the crib skirt, curtains and some baskets for under the changing table... but I PROMISE there will be pictures to come SOON!   If yall will continue praying that Lexi is head down and that I would have a good delivery and a healthy baby girl that would be much appreciated. We are ready to meet our little girl!    

Saturday, December 1, 2012

32 Weeks/8 Months!

It is hard to believe I am 8 months pregnant and in more or less than 2 months we will have our little girl here!  I've been feeling great... not as much heartburn recently- it's rare if I do have it.  I've had some back pain and the ongoing hip pain at night but other than that it's been really smooth.   I've been sleeping well still and feeling rested throughout the day- maybe to prepare me for the lack of sleep ahead! ;) I'm now seeing the doctor every 2 weeks and they have all been really quick appointments.  

Lexi Kate is still a very active little girl and moves a lot! She is now rolling more so than punching and kicking and we have been able to see my whole stomach move.  She is definitely running out of room and taking up all of the space inside!  I've been able to sub several days which has been good to earn a little extra money.  We are both anxious to meet her and get her here.  Thanks to Ashley I feel more accomplished working in her nursery this week.  She came over and helped me sort through some stuff and organize her room to prepare for the other stuff we will be getting soon before she comes.  I washed up all of her clothes that we have gotten and put them in her dresser by size so that it will be easy to access it!  I will post pictures once it's all finished- we're still waiting on getting our changing table and painting the bookshelf and once those things are in we will hang the pictures and decorate but I'm really excited about the light turquoise color we painted the wall. This is the color we went with: 

That's just a little taste of her nursery!  The accent colors are hot pink and gray and all her furniture is white.  I am very excited to see it once everything is finished and in there!  Still lots to do before she gets here!  But we're ready! :)