Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meet Aunt Rachel!

I played a lot of Aunt Rachel this weekend!  A role I love!  We headed to Durham for the weekend to celebrate Marshall's birthday with my family and to meet Baby Bennett! I got to be Aunt Rachel twice this weekend!  We met the Moore's over at the Blalock house and had japanese food and some DELICIOUS cupcakes that Adam and Ashley picked up!    We had a great time hanging out and swooning over Bennett- what a heartbreaker he will be!  Ashley and I took turns holding him and talked for a long time about the recent life changes.  I thought to myself later the Friends quote- what did we used to talk about?!  On Saturday, we met with the family at my mom's house to celebrate the April birthday's (Marshall, Jessica and George).  We had a great time and even played a game of kickball in the backyard with Logan and Hailey... sorry we didn't snap any pictures of that!  However, the thing you don't want to happen at that time happened.  I was up to kick and we were trying to teach the kids how to play and Hailey was beside Marshall while he was rolling the ball. I kicked it and it smacked Hailey right in the face.  hard.  She was a trooper though- didn't even cry!  It was a really lightweight ball, but I felt AWFUL!  So, Aunt Rachel lost some cool points there.  Another thing that other money-savers/surprise sale lovers will enjoy about this weekend happened when we stopped on our way home to Cheraw for dinner.  We decided to stop at Bonefish Grill for dinner even though we knew it was a little more expensive.  We both ordered the bang bang shrimp tacos for dinner and got our bill for $20 and saw in the insert that they were having a special everyday from 4-6:30 that bang bang shrimp tacos were $5.  We asked the waitress about it and she said that she rang it up wrong and ours should have been $5 each- so our total was only $10 for dinner!!!!  We were super pumped because you got appetizer bread and dipping sauce, tacos and homemade chips and ranch for $5!!!  That kind of made our night!!!  But anyway, it was a fantastic weekend and we got back to Cheraw at a reasonable time on Saturday!  

outake: classic Ashley face....