Sunday, December 29, 2013

11 Months!

Our girl is the big 1-1!

NEXT month she turns 1 YEAR OLD! AH!

Really no clue.  She could be anywhere from 13-14 pounds.  Hopefully no less.  Everyone says how amazed at how much this girl eats and how tiny she is.  We will attribute it to a good metabolism.  Marshall and I can both eat a lot and stay pretty small so maybe she just has good genes?  We'll leave it with that.  Haha.

She will stay on meds until her 1 year appt. but I'm going to suggest taking her off the medicine at her year appt.  She never spits up anymore.

Still the same.  We are moving to 3 meals a day and she NEVER wants us to stop feeding her when we do feed her.  If she sees food she wants some and she gets MAD if we don't share or it's time to stop eating.  She loves her some food.  She does really good picking up all her food and chewing big pieces well.  The only problem is that where most kids can have lots of pieces of food on their plate and pick up 1 at a time, Lexi gets so excited with the food she tries to put as much as she can in her mouth at once.  So we have to give her 1 or 2 pieces of food at a time or she will end up with a mouth full of food that makes it hard to chew.

I'm still nursing 5-6 times a day and still not planning on dropping any feedings but I am ready to give her whole milk with her meals (after she turns a year old) so hopefully it will add a little meat on her bones.  She is doing GREAT at drinking her water from a sippy cup.  I'm trying to decide if I want to add a morning or night meal- she usually eats her meals around 12 and 3:30.  So I'd probably give her a meal either at 9 or around 5:30.

She is still doing really good.  She wakes up around 6 to eat and then goes back to sleep until anywhere from 7:30-8:30- which we LOVE.  We are both late sleepers so I'd rather feed her then and put her back down and have her sleep later.  She still goes to bed around 7:30 each night.  She is still napping 2 times a day for about an  hour and a half.  This month she's taken some really long naps- 2-2.5 hours! I've gone to check the monitor when that happens to make sure she's still ok!  Haha.

6-9 months are still what she's wearing.  Size 2 diapers.  Size 1 shoe- that almost fits haha! She still can wear a size 0 (newborn size) shoe!

Things she's loving:
-food- the girl could eat all day long if we let her
-waving to people (being social)
-giving kisses to anything or anyone
-when Dada comes home
-the vacuum cleaner
-her animal mobile (she loves for us to hold her and let her touch it after naps)

Things she's NOT loving are still the same except having her diaper changed is definitely NOT her favorite right now.  She also really doesn't like dogs that scares her and makes her cry :(

Firsts this month:
-Saying "bye bye"
-Trip to Roanoke (5 1/2 hours in the car!)
-Kissing our chests
-Blowing kisses
-Holding onto things and taking some steps around it while still holding on
-Going up the step in our house

Words she says: Dada, Mama, Bye Bye, Ball, and Hey (we think?)

Little extras:
-She's become silly while she eats sometimes...will give a fake laugh and make a funny face and sniffing noises (with a scrunched nose) and loves to reach out her hand so you will kiss it or pretend to eat it
-Her fake laugh is hilarious.  Its a deep laugh that comes from the belly!
-She has been a little clingy to Dada this month! If she hears his voice she sticks out her arms to go to him!
-She tries to climb on top of things- like her toys, boxes etc.
-She likes to put her leg up and lay back while we push her in the stroller- I don't know if it's because she was breech (folded in half- frank breech!) with her legs up for so long that she's just comfortable in that position and super flexible! Some of you may have seen the picture Marshall posted on Instagram and Facebook of her riding that way while we walked.
-Her favorite foods right now are: Squash, Green beans, and basically any fruit.  She will eat ANYTHING that she can feed herself though.  Anything that we put in front of her to pick up she will eat.
-She is in a phase of pulling out her bows if she realizes they are there
-In nursery she always hangs out in the 1-B room with the older kids.  It's the play room with all the toys...that's how we roll.
-She has still never been sick.  At all.  She's had a stuffy nose where we have to suck her nose some but never a cold or cough.  No fever.  Such a blessing!
-After baths while her hair is wet it has some curl to it... but by the time it dries it straightens back out and maybe has a little wave.  I wonder what it will end up looking like.  It looks like all the strawberry color is gone and its a dirty blonde color.  She still has deep blue eyes :)
-She puts her hands in her mouth when she gets excited and kind of covers up her smile on occasion when we are swinging her toward people

Serious face:

Wiggle worm:

Look! I found the bow!!!