Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Beach Part 1

So this week, we are at the beach with Marshall's family for the Harper Family Reunion that we do every 2 years. It has been really relaxing so far to end the school year and go to the beach the very next day.

We made up a scavenger hunt for the family to participate in and had families get extremely serious and competitive! We weren't taking it too seriously, so we stopped for ice cream instead. Haha.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful and although I got a little burnt the first day, I've been good about putting on sunscreen since then. Marshall was playing golf today and he will play again on Thursday.

Last night we went to Original Benjamin's Seafood restaurant and Marshall put everyone to shame eating crab legs. 8 plates later... he was finally done. Of course, I only ate fried shrimp, roasted potatoes, fried okra and hushpuppies. I'll post more later, but this is what has happened so far! :) I am blessed to be in such a fun and wonderful family.