Saturday, December 24, 2011


We spent Christmas time traveling a lot back and forth between Cheraw, Apex, and Durham. We started off spending Tues and Wed night with Mark and Renae and going to the UNC vs. Texas game on Wed night. On Thursday we got to meet up with the Moore's and Blalock's and go to Tyler's Taproom for dinner, stopped by Starbucks (of course!) and then go back to the Blalock house and play cards. It was really fun to all be together for Christmas (minus the Ferrell's) BUT we did get to Skype them in to our night for a little while! You were very missed! It was a super fun night filled with lots of laughing as you can see in the pictures below. The theme song for the night is "Sexy and I know it". On Saturday, we spent Christmas Eve Day with my family doing all of our gift exchange and food. It was really fun to have everyone together but unfortunately we had to leave early to come back to Cheraw for our Christmas Eve Service. It was such a fun trip traveling. I love this time of year and having the time off of school.

Feeling Baby B Kick! He sure was movin' after dinner!!

Watching a video of Ashley's friends belly move when she was really pregnant.. it was crazy!

While we played cards we had my phone with pandora playing and it played some pretty random stuff... but of course it was always music we could break it down to. This face is soooo Ashley.
Check out Kevin's face... I totally didn't even know he did that until I looked at these pictures. Sneaky.
Dance Party.

Can't keep it together....

Finally a good one...
Mom's house with everyone hanging out.
Me and my sweet nephew Logan. Hard to believe he is a Kindergartener!
Papa and Mom. Of course he was dressed in a red vest and green pants. With Christmas socks. Love him!
Me and Rich. A half- win. Eyes half-open...

Oh, the attempts of getting this picture. They were funny. I decided to put the final product.
Our church decorated for the Christmas Eve Service. Beautiful.
Kevin (Woship Pastor) Dan (Senior Pastor) and my cute hubby!