Friday, June 21, 2013

5 Months!

Our little Lexi is 5 months old!  ALMOST HALF A YEAR.... AHHH!

Over 12 pounds (about 12lbs 3 oz according to our at home scale)
About 23-24 inches long

Still on Prevacid and we were bumped up in dosage since she has grown.  She's still doing great and takes her medicine well at night.  We will re-evaluate keeping her on/taking her off the medicine at her 6 month appt.  Still not much spitting up for the most part.

She is still eating well.  She eats every 2 ish hours (except at night) and she only eats for about 5-10 minutes.

She's still doing pretty well although we've noticed when we travel she doesn't sleep as well or as long. She normally takes 3 naps, an 1.5 hour morning (around 10) and afternoon nap (around 2) and then around 45 min-1 hr nap around 5 or 6.  Bedtime... hmm.  I do her last feeding at 9 and put her down after that.  The past few nights she has rolled to her belly and we had her swaddled.  So then we starting leaving an arm out so that when she rolled to her belly she would be able to maneuver.  She has always been a mover and flails her arms in her sleep.  When we leave her arm out she wakes up around 12:30 or 1 and won't go back to sleep.  We tested this theory and left her all the way swaddled another night this week and she only woke up once to eat around 4:30.  I am over waking up twice to feed her at night but I don't feel comfortable leaving her all the way swaddled.  I just hope she will get used to having an arm out and control her movements and learn how to sleep through it?  Here's to hoping!!!

Little girl is still in 3 month clothing.  However, she has pooped out of some of her most recent diapers so I think we are about to switch to size 2 diapers.

Things she's loving:
-Chewing on things
-When we say "mama" and "dada" to try to get her to say it
-Her Jumparoo (when we put pillows underneath for her feet :)
-When Daddy makes a duck noise
-Daddy's tickles
-When Mommy does "This little piggy"
-Spunky (a little stuffed animal dog rattle)
-Listening to stories and music
-Rolling over
-Her play mat, swing and changing table
-Kicking her feet still
-Holding her feet and chewing on her toes

Things she's NOT loving:
-Her car seat.... but it is getting better on short trips (to church and back, around town)
-She rolls to her belly but she can't remember how to get back to her back so she fusses until someone rolls her over again- spoiled stinker.
-The BRIGHT sunlight.  She closes her eyes and starts whining when its in her eyes.
-The cold ocean water ( far!)

Fun extras:
She is rolling over from back to belly all the time now.  Even taking her 5 month picture she wanted to roll over onto her belly!  She started this about a week after she turned 4 months.  No teeth yet but still drooling and chewing on everything!  Still haven't started rice cereal... but probably will this month.

Firsts this month:
Going out on the beach!
Feeling the ocean water- not a fan.
Meeting Uncle Patrick :)
Spending a week with Marshall's side of the family
Rolling over (back to belly)
Scrunching her nose when smiling (Daddy LOVES this smile!)
Being in her Jumparoo- loves it!

We just love this sweet girl and can't imagine life without her!  She brings us so much joy every day!


Bloopers (just for fun!):

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turning old to new!

I'm not the best DIYer in the world.  Self admitted.  However we got stuck with inherited a set of patio furniture when we bought our house that the last person just left.  I guess they didn't feel like it was worth moving.  When we moved from Durham our cute patio furniture that I got from World Market got stolen.  Woh woh wohhhh (debbie downer).  So, we were without patio furniture.  When we had our small group over at our house a few months ago the kids were playing outside and I had this furniture sitting there and one of the ladies was sitting on it without a cushion and it looked like the most uncomfortable thing.  I was so embarrassed.  I started the hunt for cute, reasonably priced cushions online because Sumter has nothing around to look for that.  I found some really cute ones at Target and Marshall gave the green light to order.  Sweet!  Once they came in the mail I looked at the colors and tried to match some fun spray paint to the colors that were in the cushions.  I found the perfect ones to coordinate and make our patio furniture look practically brand new.  Marshall and I set to spraying in the backyard during one of Lexi's naps and I think they turned out great!!  Not too shabby for Rachel (FRIENDS reference, anyone?)  

Here are some before pictures.  It was a brownish color and the other chair was covered in white spots that wouldn't wash off. Gross.

The nasty cushions that came with the chairs that had sat outside for many, many seasons it looked like.  And it's too bad you can't smell these. 

The spray paint process.

The finished product.  Don't these just look so cheerful?  I think I'll sit outside this summer when it's 100 degrees.  Not. Because this is South Carolina. :)