Friday, March 29, 2013

Making friends!

We have had lots of visitors since Lexi was born.  I have been a slacker and not posted about them and decided to do them all in 1 post.  

Our very first visitors (besides my mom who stayed with us the week of Lexi's birth) were Papa and Nana- Marshall's dad and step-mom.  They got a lot of snuggle time and Lexi slept on them quite a bit. She was enjoying all the attention she was getting! 

In February we had Marshall's sister Katie come to visit and I took pictures on her camera so I don't have pictures on my computer.  We also had the Ferrells and precious Grayson come to meet Lexi.  The kept commenting on how small she was compared to G who is 2 months older than she is.  He was born in November.  

Our next visitors were my mom, George, my aunt Bobetta, and grandpa.  They came down for the day and Lexi had some sweet snuggle time with my aunt (and gave her a reason to wash her shirt when she got home! haha)

Here's my mom with sleeping Lexi

My grandpa also brought down a blanket that a sweet lady made for us that had all of Lexi's stats monogrammed from the day she was born, weight, and time.  

This picture just makes me laugh because of Papa's face!  

4 generations:

Then we headed to Durham for a "Sip and See" shower where people from that area could come and meet Lexi.  She was sleeping for a lot of the time but when she did wake up for a little while I took her out of the carseat and people could really see her!  What a fun time!

Here is our group.  We sure have changed a lot in the last year!  Hopefully we will add one more soon for the Moores and continue growing! :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

2 Months!

We go to the doctor next week, so I will update with all of her 2 month stats then.  

She's still eating really good.  She still eats about 20 minutes on 1 side then around 8 on the other.  I'm so thankful it's been relatively easy and I haven't had to deal with any mastitis or blocked ducts (fingers crossed!).  However, she is starting to use her little gums and "biting" down while she's eating...which is REALLY fun for me :) haha.  She's still eating around every 3 hours.  I think she went through a little growth spurt this week where she was a little more hungry.  

Still pooping around the clock.  She really likes to pee or poop right when her diaper is off on the changing table!  She has actually hit Daddy twice with squirts of poop! It's always an entertaining time for us.  There was one time we were both in there with her and we were on the third diaper because she'd messed up two already and we were both laughing with our hands on our faces because that's all you can do sometimes!  Ahh parenthood! She has moved on to size 1 diapers and has been in them for about 2 weeks now.  She's still in either 0-3 size clothes or 3 month.  

She's still a really good sleeper at night.  She is now only waking up once around 4:30 or 5 to eat and then goes back to sleep until about 8:30.  We usually do her last feeding around 9:45 or 10 and then put her straight to bed and she goes down really well.  We really haven't had any problems with her not going to bed at night!  Thankful for that! We are still swaddling her because she still flails her arms a ton and wakes herself up.  We starting using the sleep sheep with the ocean sound turned up loud for her at night so she will be able to sleep with noise.  I think several things signal "bedtime" for her so she knows this is her long period of time to sleep.  

She is still napping with a morning and 2 afternoon naps and occasionally a late evening short nap.  She really has set her own schedule/routine which is pretty predictable each day which is nice for me.  I am still working on putting her down for naps instead of keeping her in my arms or beside me.  

There was one day that Marshall asked me when babies are supposed to roll over.  I told him not until about 3 months and usually they roll from belly to back first because they can push themselves up.  This was when Marshall was home for lunch.  He said he was going to see what she would do if he put her on her belly on her play mat.  Since he was watching her I took a break to go to the bathroom and I heard Marshall yell that she had rolled over from her belly to her back!  I was so mad!  I'm with her all day long and she chooses the time that Marshall was home for lunch to roll over and I missed it!  Little stinker.

She is starting to like bath time more and doesn't cry and just sort of sits and looks around. She's starting to like the swing more and more and sits for longer periods of time to just look around and take everything in.  She really likes music too.  If she is being fussy or is tired music puts her to sleep... but not the type of music you would think.  Anything with a fast beat- we have used everything from rap to chris tomlin to 90's playlists to put her to sleep and it works! Still loves to wiggle and kick her feet!   She is smiling more and more and I love putting her in my lap facing me and talking to her and making her smile!  She is definitely "talking" and cooing a lot!  I took a video of it this past week (it's probably boring to most of you- haha).  

I might try to add some of my instagram pictures to the blog later but these are the most recent March pictures I have taken.   

These were taken for Lexi's first Sunday at church (3-17-13).  Someone was not happy to be taking pictures... haha

Most days she loves being on her changing table.  Please don't judge me but her cover was washing and the pads are so slippery so I had just put down a towel.  Thanks to Charlotte, she now has something fun to look at while her diaper is being changed.  She sure does love her butterfly!

Some classic shots when I was trying to take her 2 month picture.  

Daddy was trying to make her smile.  She obviously thinks he's funny just like her mommy! 

I did a side by side comparison of her 1 and 2 months.  I definitely think she's filled out! Starting to see some rolls...

More of her cute faces.  I can't get enough!