Sunday, July 21, 2013

Half a year old! Whaaaaa

Where have these 6 months gone?!

Our little girl is SIX. MONTHS. OLD.

We had a little 6 month photo shoot at the beach with my family this past week.  I will post about our beach trips that we've taken another day.  

My guess is around 14 pounds.  We don't go to the doc until the 29th so we won't find out anything official until then.  

Still doing great.  I will post after her 6 month appt and give an update on medicine.  Of course she has some days that she spits up a couple times and some days none at all.  It just depends.  But, babies are babies and they all spit up some :)

Whew.  So, last post we had started her on rice cereal.  You must understand something about my little girl.  She was a pooper.  I mean set-your-watch-by-it pooper.  After we started her on rice cereal she went SEVERAL days without pooping and had lots of gas.  Within less than a week I had stopped the rice cereal and called the nurse to ask about switching, waiting, what to do.  She said to switch to oatmeal cereal and that we could start her on solid foods if we wanted but only starting with the "P" fruits- peaches, prunes, and plums.  Well I really wanted to get the organic oatmeal cereal and we don't have much  we have nothing in Sumter to buy things like this AND we were about to leave to go to the beach with my family for a week.  So I just decided to nix the cereal and we'd deal with it when we got back from vaca. Although after we stopped the cereal she still doesn't go except every 3-4 days and still has gas.  Poor girl. I guess the cereal just messed her up completely?  I don't know.  But she used to go about 4 times a DAY.  So we got back Saturday and I think we are starting tomorrow with oatmeal and maybe prunes to get things flowing?  We'll see what we end up doing.  Parenting is all guess work you know ;)

This has gotten much better.  She is napping good doing her usual 1.5 hour nap in the morning and afternoon.  She has gotten to where she has refused her night nap several times  so we have started putting her down at 8:00.  She is usually veryyy tired by that point and we don't like her to nap in the last 3 hours before bedtime.  She is sleeping well- still waking up usually once to eat.  Although Marshall plays the paci game with her usually a couple times a night, too.  The other thing I'm VERY happy to report is that we found a solution to her swaddling/rolling problem.  It's called the Zipadee-Zip!  Here's a link to the website.  Marshall was researching and found that tons of people had recommended it and we took a shot and ordered it!  And so far we love it!  It makes her look like a little starfish- so cute!  She can completely move around in it, roll over, push up, etc. but she still feels somewhat constrained.  We would totally recommend it.  

We are now in 6 month clothes!  Woohoo!  They are so cute! We are still in size 2 diapers.  

Things she's loving:
-Sitting/being up! In her bumbo seat, jumparoo, etc.  She thinks she's a big girl or something! 
-Her stroller.... although it usually puts her to sleep when we take our walks around the neighborhood!
-Daddy's duck sounds- I think/hope that will always be a favorite for her. 
-When I look at her and say "Hey" and then look away and then look back at her.  It always gets a smile and sometimes a laugh.  She loves the surprise of being looked at again! 
-Stories/music (continues)
-Rolling/Moving EVERYWHERE
-Chewing on her toes 
-Holding hands 
-Twirling her feet in circles
-Daddy kissing her on the neck
-Blowing on her belly 
-Grunting/making noises/talking

Things she's NOT loving:
-Bright sunlight
-Strong wind in her face
-Her car seat for a LONG period of time.  She has gotten better on short trips! 

-Learning to wave- or mimicking waving to us when we do it
-A week at the beach with my family
-Meeting her cousins Logan and Hailey and (Great) Aunt Nancy
-Being in her new, big girl stroller
-Taking out the paci and putting it back in herself
-Rolling both ways efficiently 

Can't get enough of these chunks...

I can sit up a little bit... but I still need some assistance with a hard floor. 

We love you Lexi Bug! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Milk and Cereal.... Cereal and Milk....

WARNING: this song gets stuck in your head if you don't already know the song.  It's a youtube video but I couldn't find the original video on College Humor.  This one is bad quality but at least now you know what I'm talking about.

So, I'm not talking about that kind of milk and cereal.  I'm talking Rice cereal and the other milk ;) We fed Lexi her first rice cereal last night and she did great.  I know many of you will not want to watch this video (it is, after all, almost 4 and a half minutes long).  But if you just want a sneak peak at our cute girl eating cereal for the first time feel free to enjoy.  Please ignore my voice in the beginning.  I'm a huge dork.

Here's the link to Lexi's video. Lexi eating Rice Cereal