Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Bump?

Here are the baby bump pictures so far. I took the last one today and it officially started week 13 so that's why I put 12/13 weeks. I think it's kind of hard to tell in these pics but you can start to see the slightest bump!

Feelings so far: I have had a GREAT first 13 weeks! I can't believe I am starting the 2nd trimester! The first was great and I didn't have too much nausea- it would come and go every now and then and I only threw up once! The biggest pregnancy symptom that I noticed right away was a heightened sense of smell. Everything is stronger and I can definitely tell I'm repulsed by some smells. The other thing, unfortunately, is bad skin. I have been cursed with the crazy hormones that give some people flawless skin during pregnancy awful skin for me. It doesn't help that I can't use anything but facewash! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe in the 2nd or 3rd trimester things will even out and I can get my skin back. Because this is miserable!

Doctors Visits: I went to my doctor in Cheraw for my first two visits for pregnancy and I love her! We got to see the tiny little baby at 6 weeks and 2 days and then went back for an 11 week appointment. I had lost 2 pounds from the first appointment to the second, but she said she wasn't concerned about it and assured me I would gain the weight! She wasn't able to find the baby with an external ultrasound (because my uterus was so tilted) so- lucky me- I got to have another internal ultrasound at 11 weeks. Which actually turned out to be good because we got a really clear picture of the baby and she said everything looked great with the arms and legs. We also captured an eye on the ultrasound picture! She also wanted us to be able to see the baby move so she waited during our appointment and we got to see the baby stretch out his/her legs and then curl them back up- which was so cool! It's truly an amazing testament to our Creator who enables our bodies to carry babies! I went to Florence last week to sign paperwork to have my medical records transferred so that I can be with a new doctor there. Please be praying that I like this doctor and feel as comfortable with her as I did the last doctor I saw. I'm hoping that we MIGHT be able to tell the sex of the baby at our next appointment- I know it would be kinda early- but I'm so ready to find out! If anyone has any feelings of what it might be- feel free to guess! :) I already have people who have ideas of what it might be! We, however, have no feeling one way or the other! I hope that the next trimester goes as well as this one has!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Harper!

We are officially announcing the arrival of Baby Harper on January 22, 2013!!!  We are very excited to be parents and ask that you would pray with us for our little baby!  I am almost twelve weeks (tomorrow) and have a long way to go!  We just had our 11 week appointment and the doctor said everything looks great!  Thanks for all of your support!!! 

Photos courtesy of Walker Barber... an 11 year old!  He did pretty good didn't he!?! :)