Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Sweet Little Valentine!

Here are just a few pictures from my sweet little Valentine even though she wasn't feeling great and ended up having a little fever later that afternoon.  She still managed to smile so I could get a few pictures!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


How in the world do I have a 1 year old?!

We go to the doctor on February 5, so nothing official until then.  Our at home scale (what we weigh on- not a baby scale) says 14.4 lbs but I've always thought that unreliable.  I'd say she's now over 25 inches- maybe even 26.  I know some of you moms are giggling right now because your 4 or 5 month old is that height. We have a petite girl :) She can shop with her mama in the petite section at The Loft!!! ;)

UPDATE: Lexi's stats at the doctor were 13.9 lbs and 26 1/2 inches tall 

I'll update this after her 1 year appt also and let you know if we are off meds, weaning, etc. 

She is still a GREAT eater.  Although I have to say this month she has decided she is a big girl and doesn't need pureed foods anymore. She refused them for about 1.5 weeks and about drove me crazy because I was having a hard time filling that seemingly bottomless belly of hers with finger foods.  But in the past couple weeks she has allowed a jar of pureed food (we do that first so she's not spoiled with her fun finger foods-ha) and then start with the finger foods after she has eaten that first.  We do all kinds of food and there's really nothing she has seemed to HATE.  She has not seemed to care for the TEXTURE of beans (black beans, lima beans, green beans) and corn.  She likes the taste but will spit out the skin as if she doesn't want to chew it or has a weird texture thing.  I blame this on her dad.  He doesn't like beans because it's a "texture thing".  Who doesn't like beans?! Apparently it's genetic ;) jk. 

She LOVES fruit- we feed her: strawberries, bananas, grapes, blueberries, clementines, pears, peaches, pineapple, apples- Basically everything!  For veggies I usually take a frozen bag and measure out a cup and steam it in the microwave and then let it cool while I feed the puree.  We always save whatever she likes the best for last because once she has that she will want more and more of it and eat nothing else.  The veggies she regularly eats are: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans (pureed), corn (sometimes), sweet potatoes (not her absolute fav), peas and occasionally zucchini, avocado.  We have also bought some deli meats for her to eat (turkey and ham).  She also LOVES bread.  If we are at a restaurant she will eat all the bread we will give her and at home she loves her whole wheat english muffin.  She thinks it's a TREAT to eat that- haha.  I say she gets that from me :) She eats yogurt every morning because of all the food I would say this is her absolute FAVORITE.  I think she could eat it every meal! She has had all the flavors and we think the banana is her favorite of that.  

So now she's at 3 meals a day breakfast around 9, lunch around 12:30 and her last meal around 4:30 with a snack when we eat dinner around 6.  She is also still nursing 5-6 times a day.  We are thinking of trying to drop the early morning one first.  I'm going to talk to her doctor and see what she says.  If she says she doesn't think it would affect her weight or anything I'm probably going to start trying to drop feedings every month (s.l.o.w.l.y)

Oh goodness.  To be honest this has been a little rough this month.  Naps around here have been hit or miss.  She refused her 2nd nap for almost a week straight this month and was driving me insane.  Also she has had days where her naps have been super short- {40 minutes? What?! I juuuusst made my coffee!!!} and I think we *may* fingers crossed have gotten back on to some semblance of a schedule this past week.  We researched the reasons behind what might be happening/what we could do about it and some people suggested stretching the time between the naps so we switched from 2 to 3 hours and that has seemed to help.  I also switched things up started feeding her in her room already in her Zipadeezip for her 2nd nap so it would maybe create a "new routine".  It has seemed to help so that's good!  She still goes to sleep around 7:30 and wakes up around 5:30 or 6 to eat then sleeps anywhere from 7:30-8:30.  

Still in 6-9 month clothing.  She hasn't really gained much weight so these still fit great! Size 2 diapers

Things she's loving:
-The DISHWASHER. Oh my goodness- it's hilarious!  If she HEARS the dishwasher go down she is making a beeline as fast as she can to the kitchen so she can stand up beside it and walk around it- it's the funniest thing.  
-Saying bye bye and waving.  It's high pitched and precious. 
-Her motorcycle she got for Christmas(close to her first birthday)
-Pushing buttons

Firsts this month:
-shaking her head "no" when we tell her no.  I guess she sees us do this and is mimicking.  I'm fully expecting her to say "no" back to us soon.... uh oh. 
-Walking BEHIND things- holding onto things that roll. 

Little extras:
-She is learning SOOO much now.  I'm surprised weekly at what she understands.  She knows the names of things and if I tell her to get them she does.  Or if I ask her where something/someone is she looks for them.  She knows when I say "do you want to go eat" she starts whining and throws her arms up for me to pick her up so she can go eat (told you she loves her food!).  When we get her up from naps if she's had a good nap we let her play with her animal mobile and we hold her on the edge of the crib so she can grab them and she LOVES it.  When I say "do you want to play with the animals" she starts grunting excitedly and kicking her feet and squealing when I sit her there.  When I say "you want some water?" or "Drink your water" she goes for her cup.  I could go on and on about all the things she knows and is learning!
-She LOVES the Reese Cup commercial that's deja vu.  She stops whatever she's doing to watch it- I think maybe it's the music?  When you see that commercial now you'll think of her :)
-She pats your back when you hug.   We think Marshall started this because whenever she gives him a hug he pats her back.  Now when she hugs you she pats your back.  cutest.thing.ever.
-She is now in a semi-biting phase.  If I'm laying on the floor with her or holding her sometimes she'll just bite my arm or shirt.  Randomly.  It doesn't really hurt that much and it's not daily- maybe once or twice a week but it's still weird. 
-She cries when we tell her no.  I take this as a good thing.  She doesn't need us to pop her hand to understand that we are serious when we say no.  She knows she's not supposed to be doing something. It's not every time but we do remove her from the temptation, distract her or praise her when she stops when we tell her no.  
-She has really liked looking out the window this month.  Some of you may have seen the picture of Lexi looking out the window in our living room.  She likes to stand there and it's the perfect height for her.    

And first of all with these other pictures let me just say how hard it is to get a picture of this wiggly, into-everything, busy little girl!  She's also had a runny nose the past week and a half so I've been waiting until she got over it to get a picture of her for this post.  She also has a little dry skin/irritation on her face most likely from drooling with her paci in at night so we've been trying to put baby Aquaphor on her face to calm it down a little.

This is a new "smile" that she's doing in the past couple days.  To me she looks like a little old grandma.  A-dorable.

Please ignore the shadows.  Marshall had his hand in the wrong spot.

Look at my belly!

Some of our pictures ended like this because she did not want to lay down...

She really likes to show us her belly these days...