Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can I brag on my Valentine?

I just want to take a moment... or a blog, if you will, and brag on my awesome husband. He is in one word quite amazing. He loves me in spite of my many, many, many faults! I am, after all, a BIG sinner. He is always my supporter, my listener (to my crazy thoughts, feelings, problems, made up ailments... on and on) and he is always willing to sacrifice to make me happy. I am really very spoiled by this man. I love how he is a picture of Christ loving the church and giving himself up for her. As one youth pointed out, Marshall always does whatever you want to do. As I of course, protested to this and then thought back... well yes, we do end up doing whatever I want to do. That's because he is so go-with-the-flow and can do anything where as I usually have a preference. He also always gives me the good couch. Another thing I love about him because I am a little less not really go with the flow- I'm a planner. I love the way we compliment each other in so many ways and weaknesses of mine are his strengths and vice versa. I love how we have the same sense of humor and he can make me laugh no matter what is going on. He takes his day off and cleans the house or does whatever list I have made for him to get done that day so I don't have to do it after a long day at school or during my time off on the weekends. He always picks things up for me if I need it and is willing to run to the store for whatever I need. He is an amazing speaker and great with people and I was so proud of him a couple weeks ago when he preached on a Sunday and did an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G job- to God be the glory! Everyone continued to come up to him and say what a fabulous job he did and I just stood and watched and was so honored to be his wife. He definitely stepped out of his comfort zone and was a little nervous- but that is something I would be TERRIFIED to do! He cooks dinner for me because he loves it and he knows I've usually had long days and am tired. The list of things I love about him could just go on and on. Yes, everyone can see he is so handsome but what everyone needs to know is that he has a huge, wonderful heart too. I just love him. So, there... Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband. Hard to believe we've been together for almost 8 years- 4 dating 4 married. Here's a couple pics for fun.