Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lexi's First Birthday Party!!!!

We had Lexi's first birthday on January 18 at the church in the student center.  It was a penguin/winter theme with pink, ice blue, and silver theme colors.  There are A LOT of pictures thanks to Ashley taking them and the church for letting us borrow an SD card since we brought the camera without it- whoops! 

Here was her birthday invitation:

I made the "chalkboard" poster with posterboard and metallic markers.  It turned out SO much better than I was expecting! 

Here is the ADORABLE cake that Rebekah Russell made for her.  Serious talent!

Instagram pictures of Lexi from birth until now! 

A hot chocolate bar... I didn't get a picture of it before the party started because we were late due to Lexi's nap but here are some pics to show what it looked like!

I think Reid was trying to sneak some marshmallows... 

Sweet Abigail!

Lexi's first bite of her cake.  Not sure what to think of her icing...

Here Dada... you taste! 

Me and my cousin Richard

My grandpa even made the trip down! 

Lexi was lovin' being in Papa's arms with him giving her some cheese from the food table! 

Our whole family

My little diva strinking a pose! 

I love this little girl and I'm thankful to everyone who came to help celebrate her first year of life!  We are blessed to have her in ours!