Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not so extreme home makeover


This summer has been a great time for me to work on home projects for the house! Since I have had sooo much free time to relax (which I will be missing dearly starting next week) I have been recording and watching Design shows on HGTV. I've taken some of the things I've learned from there and transferred them to my own house! Here are some things that I've done...

I took scrapbook paper and framed it to make inexpensive, color coordinated artwork for the bathroom :)

Probably the highlight and pride of my summer, my unfinished furniture bathroom cabinet. I stained it (2 coats) and polyurethaned it (yes, I just made that a verb!) let it air dry in the garage for days and viola! I think it matches the cabinets as perfect as it could!! But as Christy can tell you from my first coat... it was work! I was sweatin bullets out in that 99 degree garage!

I bought a shoe rack and put it together and it makes the closet SO much more organized with my bins of boots and other items beside it!

This was another piece of furniture that we got for Marshall's clothes to be in our bedroom. It was also from the unfinished furniture place which we got to stain a clear coat for us to match the rest of the bedroom. It's a little lighter, but such a great storage for Marshall's clothes!

On our trip to Ikea before Taylor and Emily's wedding in Charlotte I bought some inexpensive accessories to decorate the house! From my first Ikea experience the main thing I would say is that it's freakin huge! It did have great prices, but I'm not gonna like, it was a little overwhelming!

Here are some seat cushions for the kitchen table to match our black & white theme, with green accents.

A cute vase to go on top of our cabinets.... $3.99!! (I'm going to get some short branches to put inside it)

Another scrapbook/art project with the opposite black and white mats with the black and white scrapbook paper. The baskets I got from Charity and spraypainted black to match our kitchen... thanks!!

This was for those of you who haven't seen our house in a while! Hopefully I'll keep adding fun accents that make me smile!