Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ahh, Remember This??!!

I was going through pictures and saw this. This was on our way to Charleston, SC when we got very turned around and passed SAS like 3 times. HAHAHA this just makes me laugh! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Heart Football

First, I'll start off most recently. Warning: There are a lot of pictures! The first pictures are from last week on my trip to Charlotte with my family to go to the Carolina Panthers game. This was our view from our seats...
Check out Steve Smith (#89)!!!!!! I was super excited to be this close to him...

This was a pretty good picture of Clausen about to throw a pass....

Ok... so this is Rev. Syko (a Falcons fan who was certifiably insane) he kept turning around and getting the people around him to sing Christmas carols... He is apparently having a conversation with Sir Purr, the Panthers mascot.

Me and Mom

Our view straight through the goal post before the game had started (the net was still up)

Mom, me and my Aunt Bobetta getting warm before the game started
Still in good spirits even though it was freezing and raining while we were tailgating

My Uncle Bash (who has season tickets to the Panthers)

Now on to the game a couple weeks ago. Carolina vs. Duke @ Duke....

Me and my cousin Celeste tailgating before the game

How cute is my grandpa with his hat??? Who also, by the way, showed up to Marshall's graduation party Friday night in head-to-toe red even with his shoes and socks a matching red. He's precious!

I absolutely love football season! Too bad my mountaineers aren't a threat anymore... but now looking ahead to basketball season!!!