Monday, September 24, 2012

22 Weeks!

I'm still feeling great!  Can't complain!  Just had an appointment this past Tuesday and everything looked great.  Strong heartbeat- 166 and she said I was measuring good. She said I'm still pretty small because I have good pelvic/ab muscles and its holding the baby low and tight- which she said would be great for delivery!  Woohoo!  I will be 23 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday).  I still haven't had any really strong cravings yet.  Hip pain at night is still continuing and will prob continue until the end.  So far, no heartburn!  Our next appointment is the big glucose test so be praying that all of that goes well and that the results are normal.  Our house is coming along but not to where I want pictures posted yet :)  

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I can't believe I'm already halfway! 20 weeks has gone by fast! The main change with the pregnancy is that I have been able to feel the baby A LOT. She moves all the time. And since this is Marshall's child, who is surprised by that?! It has been really neat to feel her kick the past 2 weeks and Marshall has gotten to feel her a couple times too. Even today I was able to see the kick from the outside. I can't believe she is that big already to feel and see! Our next appointment is September 18- the day after my birthday. And, since we are making the trip to Florence and Starbucks gives a free drink for your birthday I am taking full advantage of that on that day!

These past 2 weeks have been crazy because we were closing on a house in Sumter and in the process of moving into that house and painting. I really realized how tired and kind of useless I was in the moving process! I could help paint though :) We were very blessed to have lots of help moving which was great for us not to have to do it all by ourselves since we JUST moved 3 months ago! We LOVE our house! We've already had 2 guests and are having a third this weekend! There will be pictures of the house to come once we get it a little more unpacked... although I feel like we've done a pretty darn good job since we just moved in a little over a week ago! We are still deciding on nursery colors... although I'm leaning towards light turquoise for the walls and hot pink accents. We'll see.

I will share a sweet story of our neighborhood that we have loved living in so far. Yesterday we heard a knock at the door and there was a little old man standing there. He introduced himself as our neighbor across the street and gave us a card with his name and phone number on it with a box of chocolates to welcome us to the neighborhood. He said if you ever need anything- I'm retired- and we would be happy to help in any way we can. Well, we'd seen him cutting his grass on a riding lawn mower earlier in the week and we still haven't purchased one for this yard yet so Marshall says if he would be willing we'd love to borrow his mower to cut our grass sometime. He said that was perfectly fine and whenever we wanted it, it was ours. Fast forward to this morning. Marshall was off shooting guns with some other guys and I'm home around 10:00 sitting and watching t.v. All of a sudden I hear a lawn mower that sounds like it is right outside our house! It was that sweet old man on his riding lawn mower cutting our grass! He did the entire yard this morning! Isn't that just so precious and sweet? I think we will love being his neighbor! :)