Thursday, July 31, 2014

18 months

Wow. 1 and a half years old!

I have no idea really.  When she was sick a couple of weeks ago she was around 18 1/2 pounds, but she has felt heavier to me recently- but who knows!  She has definitely grown taller because I put a dress on her on Sunday and it was WAY too short for her and it wasn't that short about a month or 2 ago- so maybe she's gone through a growth spurt recently.

Nothing new really here.  Although going through a little bit of sickness this past month slowed down her appetite some but she's back to normal now.  Even my family at the beach was really surprised at how she ate most anything and the volume of the food she ate.  Although they also commented on how she never stops and is constantly "on the go" so she needs to eat a lot.

Still on a 2 nap a day schedule.  Around 10:30 and 3:30 each day.

This month she's loving:
-Giving lots and lots of kisses. To anyone and anything (couch, feet, etc)
-The song "happy" along with the video.  She asks to watch it multiple times a day.
-Singing.  Making up songs about "Dada" and "Mama", "Happy" and "Rock-a-bye Baby"

Little Extras:
-I can put her hair in a ponytail finally this month!! And it is the cutest.thing.ever.
-I feel like her vocabulary and understanding has exploded this month.  She knows everything I'm saying and she has started saying words like "knee" and "elbow".  It amazes me how I can tell her something once and come back several hours later and she still remembers it (like when I taught her eyebrow).  She is a very quick learner!
-She's becoming attached to Lammy (her lamb she sleeps with) this month.  She calls him "Mammy" and she has a little pound puppy (y'all remember those?! It belonged to Marshall) that she also sleeps with that she calls "Puppy"

-I taught her how to do a "mad face" on the 21st and it makes us laugh every time.  She leans forward and has a straight face.  I'll try to get a picture of it.
-She now also has a surprised face with an open mouth that she does that my sister Jess taught her at the beach.
-Really being able to enjoy the beach this year.  Last year she was only 6 months old and didn't really stay out long under her tent so this year she had a BLAST.  She absolutely loved being out on the beach, toes in the water, collecting shells in the bucket and being out on the porch.  She would fuss when we went up and the only way to get her up or in the house peacefully was telling her we'd watch "Happy" when we got up.  Distraction is the name of the game for a little one, right?!

Here are a few favorite beach pictures to document her at "18 months"

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