Monday, October 27, 2014

21 Months

Lexi is 21 months old! Hard to believe she's so close to 2....

Fun Lexi things from this month...

If she touches anything that's cold she says "Cheeeeely" *chilly* I'll have to get this on video.

If she's carrying something remotely heavy to her (or sees us carrying something heavy) she uses a very strained voice to say "heavy" as if she can't lift it and has no breath.

She started saying whenever she has a boo-boo or sees a bandaid on one of us "all beh-ber" *all better*

She LOVES to hug kids (mainly girls) her age.  If she sees strangers-but only kids- on the playground she will sometimes try to hug them.  Which is funny to us, because she is typically not a snuggler.  She never has been.  She does love to give hugs though!

She's started asking Night Night? And we'll say no, not yet. And she'll say No! (in a very sing-song way) I got a video of this one but I can't figure out how to post them on the blog.

She has gotten SO much taller recently! Reaching things that were previously out of her reach.  She can get the paci's we sit on the rail of her crib before she goes to sleep.  She can reach things sitting further back on our kitchen table, it's amazing that we turn around and she's gotten something we didn't know she could reach!

She can easily put 2 words together and is doing SO well taking direction from us.  She is a big helper around the house (loves to "help" vacuum and carry laundry).

We just bought her a potty because we can always tell when she's pooping and she always tells us.  So we figure it couldn't hurt to give it a shot- or at least start dialogue about it.

She fell asleep in the car at night for, like, the first time ever. Some of you are shocked because it takes your child .002 seconds to fall asleep in the car-but not this girl.  She NEVER falls asleep in the car.  On the way back from Durham the other weekend it was around 8:15 that she fell asleep in the car and was back awake before we pulled in the driveway.  But still, we'll call this progress!

She can now identify most of her letters.  We will work on letter sounds next but she seems to do really well if I ask her to "hand me the H" and she'll pick it up and hand it to me.  She knows lots of her shapes- octagon, oval, circle, triangle, star, clover, heart.  Sometimes square and rectangle but she gets those confused.

If we are loud and yelling (if I'm yelling at Marshall from another part of the house to ask him something) she has to yell too.  Most of the time it's nonsense just so she can be loud too.  So funny.

She now understands that her paci's are ONLY for sleep.  We ask "When do you have paci's?" And she responds with "sleep".  I think we are over *most* of the hard teething.  Still waiting for those canines to come in and I've heard they're the worst- so we may have to break the rule or give her teethers if that happens.  But for now, she's fine with that.

We have moved time out to in her room for 1 minute.  It seems a worse punishment for her to be separated from us with the door closed.  She literally stands at the door until we come and open it.   I guess she hasn't figured out that she can just play with the toys in her room instead.  We always open the door, kneel down, and take both of her hands in ours.  We talk about why she was put in time out, have her say Ok, yes sir or ma'am, and tell her love you and give her a hug and a kiss.  She knows this routine and as soon as we open the door now comes and gives us her hands.  So sweet.

We've started teaching her the catechism questions.  So far the questions we've done are...
Who made you? God.
What else did God make? Everything.
Why did God make you and everything? His Glory.

Her actual answers are...
Who made you? Dog. (somehow she gets God backwards....)
What else did God make? Ev-ry-ting.
Why did God make you and everything? Cookie. (It's just the way she is saying Glory....hey I like cookies too, Lexi ;)   {Insert emoticon of the crying/laughing face here}

Loves looking at "Peechers" on the phone.

Favorite foods are: pizza, popcorn, marshmallows, raisins, yogurt, doughnuts
Favorite veggie: broccoli

Dunkin' doughnuts family date.  Hahaha

Color bath (with her "big smile" face)!

At the park.

Don't really know what I'm doing in this picture... but she looks cute! 

Love this sweet, sweet girl. 

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